Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Tulsipur, May 23 : International Biodiversity Day has been celebrated at Tulsipur Metro College by organizing a special program. Students studying forest science celebrated the day on Sunday by organizing an oratory on ‘Our Responsibility in Conserving Biodiversity’. Speaking on the occasion, the participants pointed out the need for everyone to pay attention to the conservation of biodiversity. He stressed on the need to maintain the balance of flora and fauna in order to maintain the ecological balance.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Guest College Chief Basanta Acharya stressed on the need to spread the message of biodiversity in the villages. He also said that failure to conserve biodiversity would jeopardize the entire human existence. “Maintaining biodiversity can also help in tourism,” said Chief Guest Acharya.

Diya Sharma came first, Sandeep Malla second and Munraj Budha third. The program chaired by Heramba Thapa was facilitated by Bhuvan Basnet. Teachers Laxmi KC, Kalpana Wali and Sachin Subedi were the judges in the program.

Biodiversity Day is celebrated on May 22 every year to show the importance of biodiversity.

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